Jeffersonia diphylla

Native to rich, shady woods from New York to Virginia, Twinleaf (Jeffersonia diphylla) is an uncommon perennial with a pleasant white bloom in spring. Hailed by Native Americans for a variety of medicinal purposes and protected today as an endangered plant species, Twinleaf is named in honor of Thomas Jefferson.

Twinleaf Management LLC is a Connecticut-based Investment Adviser dedicated to constructing concentrated, separately managed client portfolios that consist of overlooked, out-of-favor, misunderstood or mispriced publicly traded U.S. equities with under $1 billion of market capitalization. 

Our primary investment research is in technology and media stocks. We are especially focused on the digital revolution in media and technology that is creating investment opportunities in mobile and IP connectivity, SaaS platforms, data analytics, content creation, distribution and highly targeted advertising. We occasionally identify compelling investment ideas in the consumer space.

Market inefficiencies and a lack of quality research are most pronounced among small-cap stocks. Before others do, we seek to identify companies at which a catalyst for share price appreciation could become apparent. Perhaps it's an obscured asset, a new product launch, management change, shareholder-friendly capital allocation or an outright sale of the company.  

The unconventional Twinleaf approach combines a strong element of patient, private equity-style investing with the benefits of the public market, principally trading liquidity.  Holding only a small handful of sizable positions can produce volatile results but it allows us to become expertly knowledgeable on our portfolio companies and their prospects. Tax-efficient, long-term capital appreciation is our objective but we are are nimble enough to capitalize on fleeting opportunities.    

We welcome an opportunity to discuss whether a small portion of your investable assets may be suited for an allocation to our investment strategy.

We have a passion for uncovering actionable investment ideas.